Instructor Handbook Table of Contents

Fall 2010

  • The Core Writing program  includes four courses that count toward the Writing & Speaking requirement in UNM’s Core Curriculum.  English 101 and English 102 help students develop the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills they will need for success in college and in professional contexts. Students who take English 219, Technical and Professional Writing, create documents oriented to workplace uses while those in English 220, Expository Writing, develop skills for writing in multiple contexts. All four courses share a common core of outcome goals, with each course building on the outcomes of the previous one.
  • At UNM-Taos, we prepare students for 101 and 102 through the Introductory Studies Program.
  • In all classes, basic skill problems can be supplemented by referral to the H.E.L.P Lab (Honoring and Enhancing the Learning Process.
  • For specific assignment assistance students can be referred to CASA, UNM- Taos’ Center for Academic Success and Achievement.  It is recommended that you offer extra credit for visiting CASA. Also CASA is a great place to hold office hours.
  • Library: It is recommended that Instructors schedule at least one class at the UNM-Taos Library. The Library Instruction Reservation Form  should be filled out and emailed or dropped off at the Library. It is vital that each student realizes the importance of information literacy and the Instructors then integrate these skills into their curriculum. Library Reserve Form, Information Literacy Competency Standards
  • Program Policies

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